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Professional contractors will tell you that they have their favorite brands, favorite methods, and favorite customers. What they won’t tell you is their trade secrets. They spent entire careers developing their skills – much like an artisan, and they normally only share this information with close friends and family.  Don’t be surprised if you only get a grunt out of them when you ask them in amazement, “How did you do THAT!”

Listed below is helpful information for contractors on tools and tips for fast ordering to help get the job done and go home!  ↓

If you are looking for a contractor and are interested in getting a referral, Amazon has a pretty reliable reference list of those people too.  Your best bet in hiring a professional contractor is always – ALWAYS – get a referral from someone you trust, and whose work you have seen.  If you are new to finding a professional contractor, be sure to read these – Tips on hiring a contractor – FIRST – before you hire anyone!

If you don’t know who to ask about hiring a professional and want someone else to do the screening for you – Go here for referrals, reviews, and recommendations: Hiring a professional contractor.  

There is never any guarantee that you won’t get screwed or be disappointed, so it pays to reference check and keep a watch on any professional contractor you hire.  Reputation is the professional contractors only viable marketing tool – Make sure you call references!  It’s not up to them to not screw you.  It’s up to you to make sure you don’t get screwed.

Tools And Gear – For Professional Contractors or DIY Homeowners

Contractor-Grade Products And Bulk Quantities



Welcome to the Contractor Supply Store at Amazon.com, the destination for electricians, plumbers, landscapers, framers, finish carpenters, painters, and other contractors. Learn more about selection, free shipping, ways to shop the store, and corporate accounts below.


Contractor Supply is where you’ll find professional-grade products (precision Stabila levels, Milwaukee Sawzall blades, Panasonic drills and accessories, and more), many of which are available in bulk quantities.

Delivery to Your Job Site:

Supplies delivered directly to the job site. There’s no need to have products delivered to your office that you would then need to transport yourself to job sites. You’ll save time, energy, and transportation costs. During checkout, just change the delivery address to that of your job site. A full address is required and the job site must be accessible by delivery truck.

Free Shipping With USA Delivery of Minimum Orders of $25 :

Qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping when you purchase $25 or more of eligible products and ship them to one U.S. address. You’ll need to select “Super Saver Shipping” as the shipping speed.

Use Amazon Prime:

To get your products shipped quickly and conveniently. Prime is a

membership program that gives you unlimited fast shipping for eligible purchases. An annual membership fee is required.

Phone Ordering:

You are busy, so it’s easier than ever to place orders. Use your phone to order from the job site and on the go.

Call (866) 876-8073, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Central time and place your order over the phone.

Shop via Smartphone:

Use an iPhone, BlackBerry, or other smartphone to place your order quickly and conveniently.


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