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5 Best Power Tools-bestpowertools-org . . . Sharing that knowledge and information with you is what I enjoy. I am, “Johnny,” John Kowal, and my goals are to continually seek to expand my knowledge in the construction trade while owning and operating my companies in Canada and in the United States. I do understand and have encountered dedicated and knowledgeable Tradesmen that have learned their trade solely through experience. Any Professional will tell you that the an important thing we hold dear is to be respected and trusted by our peers and of course our clients who soon become friends. The stamp of approval from another Tradesman, Contractor or Professional is the ability to receive a referral and perform duties with an excellent outcome.

I have held an Interprovincial (Red Seal) Journeyman Certificate in Canada for 26 years +. I have previously been licensed, bonded and insured for two categories in the United States as a General Contractor and as a Finish Contractor. In 1987, I achieved the rank of Scenic Carpenter for the TV and Film Industry and have also traveled overseas and worked on various projects in four different countries.

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