Garden Tool Deals

Why Buying the Best Quality Garden Tools is Your Best Investment.

Garden Tools, Power tools, and Hand Tools are expensive, so ALWAYS Buy the best you can afford . . .

. . . Good, Quality Garden Tools, Power tools, and Hand Tools are expensive, but they are meant to last awhile with good care and maintenance, so if you can’t buy the best tool on the market, then look for those things that you can afford and splurge on the Garden tools you need most, or use every day. For Value Buy Quality Garden Tools.

17 Garden Tool Buying Tips To Save You Money:

1. You’ll forget what you paid for a garden tool , but will remember its quality.

2. Discount garden tools with Brand names you trust go on sale between planting seasons, so buy off season for your most expensive tools – For example don’t buy ladders during picking season.

3. Buy stainless steel blades on shovel to improve their longevity in the garden.

4. Look for well attached handles – this part of a tool normally wears fastest.

5. Protect hands with reinforced knuckle and palm pads on garden gloves

6. Hold garden tools in your hand to test their weight and handle size for comfort – If they don’t fit your grip or are too heavy you’ll throw them away – Lost $$$

7. Do you need to kneel in your garden, but have trouble getting back up – Look for a garden kneeler with a metal frame and side bars to help you.  Folding varieties are less stable, but easier to carry.

8. What is your compost and dirt like – Hard to manipulate?  Better to invest in a heavier duty fork with sturdier tines that can take the digging ‘abuse.’

9. Do you have a lot of small plants, or is your garden full of larger items – Get yourself a couple hoes to handle both large and small plant varieties.

10. Heavy rakes, unless you really need a good tool to break up the hard dirt, aren’t as easy to use as the lightweight ones and they don’t do any better job, except to tucker you out faster.

11. Handles need to fit your grip – Too big or too heavy or ill fitting will wear you out.

12. Find watering cans with measured marks on the side so you don’t have to measure your fertilizer and  watering.  Recycle old cans instead of tossing them away.  They make great gifts or planting pots recycled with just a little TLC.

13. Watering the lawn with a heavier, thicker, professional hose saves you time and money in undoing them when they kink up!

14. Water wands with a lever water shut off system you squeeze is easier on your hands, arms and shoulders.

15. Sprinkler flow watering options – More is better, but, really, how many is enough? Probably 3-5 for most people.

16. No need to get wheelbarrows with one wheel when the two wheel versions are so much easier to handle (IMHO), especially if you have trouble balancing heavy loads.

17.  Ergonomic Handle Rake – Get the best one you can!

Garden Power Tools-For Value Buy Quality

The Best Garden Power Tools Help You Stay In Your Budget

Under $25

$25 – $50

$50 – $100

$100 – $200

Over $200

1. Gardening Power Tools: For Gardeners needs From Mowers to Gloves!

2. Lawn Mowers and Garden Power Tools: Push, Gas, Tractor or Electric, Plus Garden Power Tools AND Garden Hand Tools!

3. Indoor And Outdoor Gardening-Flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, seeds, bulbs – PLUS – Indoor Gardening & Indoor And Hydroponic Gardening

4. Tool Sheds-Garden And Outdoor Storage, and Greenhouses

5. Landscaping And Fencing & Accessories

6. Exterior Paint And Wood Care: Popular house paint Brands to match your deck and fence. Match paint brands like Prestige, Behr, Benjamin Moore, & Sherwin Williams.

7. Gardening Books, Garden ClothingGarden Gear!

8. Outdoor Cooking And BBQ’s & Outdoor Heating And Lighting

9. Car And Travel& Car Camping

Renegade Car Camping: A Guide to Free Campsites and the Ultimate Road Trip Experience

10. Popular Garden And Outdoor Unique Lighting Ideas

11. Outdoor And Garden Furniture And Accessories

12. Not everyone can get around outside easily. Outdoor Mobility Aids help people who love being outdoors and gardening so they don’t have to stay inside-No way do they have to stay inside!
Before you buy a Mobility Aid read these buying tips FIRST:  Electric Mobility Scooters Buying Tips,
Electric Wheelchair Buying Tips

13. Pet Supplies-
– Dogs
– Cats
– Fish and Aquatic Animals
– Birds
– Reptiles And Amphibians
– Small Animals
– And Big Ones – Horses

14. Swimming Pools-Hot Tubs-Saunas

15. Sports Fitness And Outdoor Recreation

16. Outdoor Toys-Go Outside And Play!