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WINTER:  December, January, February

JANUARY – Get Garden Tools ready for upcoming planting and growing seasons

Clean up dirty tools – better yet, clean them when the season ends so you are only performing tune up and maintenance tasks at the beginning of the season.
If you don’t have experience tuning up your own garden power tools, leave it to the professionals. For a minor cost you can get your garden power tools thoroughly gone through and repaired , reconditioned, or just tuned up. Always use a reputable person to service your garden power tool equipment.

January is also time to get your planting and gardening areas cleaned up and ready for spring planting – clean up cluttered areas and remove any debris from your garden. Clean flower beds, mulch or toss old plants, dead trees or shrubs, plan your garden.

January is For Birdwatchers too! See how this local Craftsman started his crafty outdoor business using colors and designs that really compliment your home aesthetics and takes bird safety seriously – An Interview with Local Craftsman, Larry Campbell, – See January Garden Power Tools Tips!

FEBRUARY – Garden Power Tool Sharpening and Growing Prep Time.

Sporadic weather means it’s time to plan your garden and decide what seeds you are going to use for gardening, clean up your garden power hand tools and seriously evaluate the bulbs and seeds, vegetables, flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees you are interested in planting this year.  See these February Garden Power Tools Tips for suggestions on what to do with your garden in February!
SPRING:  March, April, May

MARCH – Spring Lawn Cleanup.

Spring Lawn Cleanup With Garden Best Power Tools.  Make time to re-attach, remove, pressure wash, repaint, plant seedlings, prune dead branches and plant life, cut back vegetation and waste, compost, . . . Garden Power means regular maintenance.
Tools tips and Tool ideas for beginners to professional gardeners and landscaping technicians.  See these March Garden Power Tools Tips For Suggestions on What To Do with your garden In March!

APRIL – Teach Kids How To Mow The Lawn Safely! Lawn Mowing 101 For Kids.

Give Yourself A Lawn Mowing Break and Let the kids Mow For You
Lawn-Mowing Guideline For New Lawn Mowers.  Teach Kids How To Mow The Lawn – Safety First! These Garden Power Tools April Gardening Tips will help you decide if your child is ready to take on the household lawn mowing responsibilities.

. . . When we were growing up learning to mow the lawn was an essential rite of passage required to keep your summertime privileges and rewards off of the family bargaining table.  See these April Garden Power Tools Tips for suggestions on what to do with your garden in April!

MAY – The Joys of Composting

May Garden Tips on Composting, Compost Bins, Safe Composting and Compost Bin Tips   Compost Piles – To Have, or Not to Have – Information That isn’t Full of It!

  • How can you tell if you have rats and mice before they become an infestation:
  • What to do – Compost Pile Methods & Structures – DIY Composting Ideas & Tips:
  • Compost Advice to help reduce rodent infestations:
  • Top Composting Bin Ideas Include:
  • Animal Lover Compost Solutions:

See these May Garden Power Tools Tips for May suggestions For What to do with your garden in May!

SUMMER:  June, July, August

JUNE – Garden Power Tools VS Garden Hand Tools.

Tips on Which Garden Tools Work Best Garden Power Tools-Garden Power Machinery Versus Garden Hand Tools. The strimmer is a modern replacement for the scythe, but it is far more versatile at cutting rough grass and weeds.

See these June Garden Power Tools Tips for suggestions on what to do with your garden in June!

JULY- Effective Lawn Watering Techniques.

In July, Watering The Lawn, and Effective Watering Methods Are really important because the temperatures often soar. But is is Gardens and lawns, Decks and Cleaning Tasks are often the primary focus.

Just because there are plenty of things to do doesn’t mean that they all have to get done at once.  See these July Garden Power Tools Tips for suggestions on what to do with your garden in July!

AUGUST – Garden Landscaping-Planning & Design.

Get the edge on next years seasons by Planning Your Garden and Landscape Design Early.

Choose from a variety of ideas on garden design styles and figure out if you are creating a manageable do it yourself project, need some professional help or are creating an unmanageable Garden and Landscape design MONSTER for yourself!  See these August Garden Power Tools Tips for suggestions on what to do with your garden in August!

FALL:  September, October, November

SEPTEMBER – Soil Enrichment For Coming Seasons.

Longer days help those plants transition into the shorter day growing season. Cooler season crops don’t mind cooler temperatures as much as they do the lack of sunlight.

As you empty annual beds this fall, there are two main ways to enrich your soil for next year:  See these September Garden Power Tools Tips for suggestions on what those two main ways are! Plan what to do with your garden in September!

OCTOBER – Build Your Greenhouse.

With your own home greenhouse, you can grow your own! Not only will you reap the rewards of your own harvest, but the varieties you can create are – virtually – limitless! Store bought seeds come in many varieties, plus they are expensive to buy.

. . . . See these October Garden Power Tools Tips for suggestions for more on building your own Home Greenhouse in October!

NOVEMBER – Regular Garden Power Tools Maintenance for critical seasons!

A little November Garden Power Tools Maintenance gives you . . . “VAARROOOOM!” not . . . “Splutter, Splutter, . . Cough, . . . Cough!”

Garden Power Tool Maintenance Tips for your chain saw, garden tiller, hedge trimmer, lawn mower, power drill, string trimmer and snow blowers!

WINTER:  December, January, February

DECEMBER – Monthly Tips

December Wraps up the Year for some of the best and hottest Garden Power Tools Tips and holiday gift ideas for your Favorite Gardener and Tool guy!

See . . . December Garden Power Tools Gardening Wrap-up and Power Tool Gift Guide

May you be blessed with health this holiday season and in the New Year May ALL your good wishes come true!