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Save On Tools, Never Sacrifice Quality, Know The Difference

Get genuinely good tools every time you buy. Cheap tools don’t last are more expensive to maintain and end up cluttering up your tool shed. That is the difference.  Always buy quality Tools.

  • Great tool deals involve research, timely sales, and a realistic list of tool features for what you need to get a job or many jobs done.
  • Honestly, can you think of anything worse than having to redo a job and buy all new materials because the tools you have did a shredding job on your project?  . . Me neither.
  • It is BETTER to have fewer good quality tools that do many jobs than cheap tools that have a poor warranty and last once before they break.  Less expensive is great, but cheap – Just, “No.”
  • One good way to check the quality of a power tool is to go look at product reviews – Watch out for any phony reviews and look for the reviews that seem sincere.
  • Look for tool weight/lightness and higher tech power tools, because tools change with new features almost weekly.
  • Compare voltage so that you’re not stuck only being able to get through half a piece of wood.
  • Spendy tools with spendy accessories may not lure you to their charm quickly, but the fact that you will probably use them repeatedly is worth the extra cost.
  • Power source – Battery or corded depends on what you need and how often you need it.  If you don’t mind swapping batteries, or waiting for a charge (with only 1 battery in your tool bag) to get going again on your projects then you’ll prefer battery packs.  If not you’ll prefer corded.  If you have ever cut the cord on your power tool in the middle of a job then you’ll (also) prefer battery packs to corded power tools.

For my list of less expensive, but good tools See Here.

Cheap Power Tool Review And Tips!

These Are My Tool Picks If You want tools That Last:

Power Tools Industrial Power Tools
1. Makita 1. General
2. DEWALT 2. Biesemeyer
3. Rigid 3. National
4. Hitachi 4. North American
5. Milwaukie 5. Delta
6. Festool 6. SMC
7. Bosch 7. Jet
8. Black & Decker 8. Irwin
9. Ryobi
9.  See More Industrial Tools


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