Contracting Blues – Are Contractors Human?

What it Takes to Become A True Professional
And Trusted Contractor

Don’t Be Fooled By Fakes-Ask Questions and Expect Answers!

Humans Make Mistakes, but True Professionals Take Responsibility For Them

When you get a good feel for the Contractor 30 plus years of experience…. it’s easy to say “I told you so.” ┬áMost homeowners have a horror story about a remodel or home improvement project that just didn’t make life all that enjoyable. 90% of the time it doesn’t include a Certified Professional Contractor.

You see..if someone is going to go through the trouble of really learning their trade…would they focus on screwing people over. Let me explain. In order to get a Journey Level certification in any trade, you must go through a 4-5 year Apprenticeship. This means slugging it out in the real world for those 4-5 years and then attending a trade certified Tech Institute every year for 6-8 weeks. It’s been so long now, I forget how long classes were. I never did like school.

OK…now…a scammer has already put 4 years of hard work and gone to school every year just to make your life miserable. That doesn’t make sense. I’m going to out on the limb here and say that only guys that have been working their butts off for 20 plus years in one of the trades… wishes they’d have listened to their folks and been a Lawyer.

Communication has always been the culprit for misunderstandings. Now..why would I get started on that? Well…most problems occur in “ANY” situation because of faulty communication. Marriages and families get broken up because of this sort of thing.

So why are people surprised when things go wrong on a remodel done by a Contractor. Heck…we’re not English Majors…we’re not even certified Psychologists.

I’ll let everyone in on a secret…Contractors are human and can make mistakes..or usually it’s a misunderstanding during the hundreds of conversations a home owner and Contractor will have. Yep..we may just forget one of the thousand things going on while we’re on the job.

No one complains about the Eye Doctor that misdiagnosed my Mothers eye condition and that caused her to lose sight in that one eye. Does anyone make a show about the guy that spent 10 years in prison because of faulty Police work or a justice system that sometimes doesn’t work?

This life is full of unfairness..heartbreak..loss..disasters and chocolate. I’ve tried to give it my all as a Carpenter/Contractor and only focused on doing the best I possibly could. Try to ask real questions when you hear things or watch certain things on TV.

We all need to ask questions.