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The Best Survival Knife Tips & Recommendations

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Why should you have the Best Survival Knife available in backwoods areas?

To:  Cut most ropes, produce efficient tinder by splitting timber, build a spear by attaching the knife to a solid and straight branch.   . . . To Survive.

A good survival knife is also handy when preparing any food you might have brought with you, or trapped, and many other uses.

Best Survival Knife Materials:

The very best survival knife is made from a single section of metal.

A comfortable and solid handle can be constructed of one material or incorporate many different materials that are laminated to produce one piece.

Tang Matters!

This doesn’t include things like foldable pocket knives. This type of design is well known within the knife-makers community as full tang or narrow tang construction.

Best Survival Knife Blade Thickness:

An excellent survival knife will incorporate a comparatively hefty blade having a overall thickness close to 5/32″ as well as a blade length of more than 6 inches. These dimensions will vary according to ones beliefs. Some of the Best Survival Knives have a blade length of almost 15 inches.  * CHECK YOUR CITY/STATE RULES, LAWS AND REGULATIONS ON BUYING AND OWNING THESE KNIVES – THEY ARE NOT TOYS!

The full tang survival knife is manufactured so the blade combines with the handle. Typically 2 pieces of material are connected to both sides of the metal to create a secure handle.

The narrow tang survival knife minimizes the dimensions of the blade materials mainly because it goes in the handle on the knife. A custom made handle will then be fastened on the narrower section of the knife. Some of the knife handles are made up of leather-based disks. Narrow Tang Survival Knives occasionally employ a pommel connected to the handle portion of the Tang.

Stay away from hollowed out handled survival knives because they’re frequently weakened and very likely to fail along at the joint.

Best Survival Knife Full Tang Versus Pocket Knife:

The key reason why you will want a Full Tang Survival Knife, rather than a pocket knife, is because of some work will require a robust cutting device, You will probably need to cut wood for cooking fires and maybe to construct some shelter. This would require a repeated action of striking the back of the survival knife with another object to cut through thicker material. There is no way a pocket knife or folding knife could withstand this type of repeated use.

I might suggest that you just decide on a good survival knife that comes with a serrated edge. Serrated edges can act as a saw and would make cutting timber in the wilderness much safer and more efficient.

KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife with Hard Sheath, Black Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener Gerber 31-000758 Gator Machete with Sheath

The Best Survival Knife might have a carbon steel blade which is harder than stainless steel and will hold an edge longer. A carbon steel blade requires more care because the rust factor is higher. Most military services survival knives are constructed with a high carbon steel blade.

Best Survival Knife Care:

Hunting knives tend to be much larger and a more robust blade is used for skinning and needs to stay sharp for prolonged periods of time. Try to coat the blade with some oil to minimize to effects of rusting.

Some survival knives come with stainless steel blades which are typically tougher and will resist rust, but over time will not sustain a sharp edge for as long.

We Recommend These Custom Knife Brands:

There are numerous new products that might provide you with better choices by possibly developing high carbon stainless steel products as well as incorporating a high carbon steel in between 2 sheets of stainless-steel. Some of the Best Survival Knives available on the market today include the Becker bk7, a SOG Seal Pup, as well as the Gerber Silver Trident Double Serration.You just can’t go wrong with the Best Survival Knife from one of the manufacturers.

Best Survival Knife Brand Recommendations:





Buck Knives


Cold Steel



United Cutlery

Best Survival Knife – In Summary:

There are many factors that come into play when choosing the Best Survival Knife. Experience tells me that size does matter,  . . . but biggest is not always the best choice.

A Swiss Army Knife or a regular folding knife is fine if you also have a larger knife for other applications. The Best Survival Knife will absolutely do what it was designed for. Help you survive in certain situations.

Opinions vary around this survival knives because of the vast variety of production and Custom Knives available on the market today.