Custom Knives

Custom Knives Throughout History

As testimony to their duration, knives are over  two million-years-old. Custom knives are found in their original state from thousands and millions of years ago in ancient ruins, burial plots, basement showcases, homesteads, tombs and graves.

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Their cutting tool and weapon use and versatility keeps them valuable through our current time.

Bone, rock, and wood were the design of our most ancient knives.
Today’s steel blade knives provide knife owners with a variety of uses and satisfaction of any cutting needs.

In addition to their usefulness, knives are traditionally passed from generation to generation in a commemoration of a special event and/or acknowledgement of a rite of passing to a younger generation, in symbolic gesture of acceptance, honor, and love.

Engraving gives the recipients of these traditional and honored knife gifts an intimate symbol of the giver, and new knife owners are often overcome with appreciation and gratitude.

Remington Cutlery R18045 Collector’s Club Father and Son Limited Edition Knife Set with Walnut Box