Custom Survival Knives

Custom Survival Knives:  Recommendations

Let me begin by saying, for starters . . . . SIZE does matter.

Top-Quality Handmade GCrafter Damascus Steel 13 inch Bowie Knife Full Tang Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath – Best Quality Survival Knife – Premium Quality Bowie Knife – 100% Manufacturer Guarantee

A Swiss Army knife or a regular folding knife will not do. IMHO, they lack the strength and durability to be effective survival knives. The Best Survival Knife better be able to do what it was designed for – Help me survive! Bring up this subject around men in any social situation, and just like conversations about the best way to remodel a kitchen will get some strong opinions! My perception of the Best Survival Knives has changed for the better.

The Ultimate Survival Knife must be: Lightweight, Easy to conceal, Do the job for which it is intended, and  Be adaptable to any situation.
Most importantly look for: Tough, Durable, Easy to sharpen.

If you are hunting, fishing, camping or backpacking in the bush, a survival knife is as essential to your survival as anything else. Being outdoors with the right tools gives you the confidence that if something unfortunate happens, you are definitely prepared to deal with it. That is why the word “survival” truly applies.
The knife you choose actually aids in your survival outdoors and is really one of the most powerful outdoor “tools” available. So, make sure your decision is based on solid research and sound advice from an expert in the Survival game.
I seem to have a long standing beef with folding knives. Because they are allowed to fold, means that the Survival Knife has to incorporate a hinge. Not good. Hinges will fail and in an intense situation the mechanism could break, leaving you with two knife pieces. Both pieces would have limited capabilities rendering the original knife . . . useless.
New technology and materials used in Folding Survival Knives have become superior and extremely durable. So, I now own a Folding Survival Knife along with my trusty old Tang Survival knife. The handle and the blade of The Tang Survival Knives are all one unit. Some of these handles may have an additional material added as a grip for comfort. Having the handle and blade all one piece gives you the strongest knife blade available.
See Here Why knowing About Custom Knife Makers Helps you With The Decision Process! In your Custom Knives decision, we wish you success!