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The Best Electrician Tool Recommendations

According to one local electrician, Craig “Dewey” Henderson, who has been in the movie industry over 25 years as a Journeyman with his Red Seal Certification as an Electrician, there is one tool he has used since his first job, at 18 years-old.

“I still have my first screwdriver. It’s a green Robinson screwdriver with color coded handles.”

“This is the kind of electricians screwdriver people start out with and either keep or keep buying. The red Robinson screwdrivers are used more frequently by Electricians when they are putting on the receptacles,” he explained.

Dewey also has a preference for saws. He likes drywall saws, but his absolute favorite electricians tool is one he created himself for cutting on banana board with these materials:
1 – Banana board saw blade-Specifically the Bosch Plexiglas Blade
2 – Eight (8) inch piece of 1/2 inch rubber hose.
3 – Epoxy resin to fill hose and embed blade into.

"Dewey" Saw
“Dewey” Saw

He claims that his tool is best for his use because there is no curf (left-right-left-right) and no wave movement when he needs to work in tight and sensitive areas, which is why he designed and made it in the first place. He says to be sure to get the Bosch Plexiglas blade if you decide to make your own “Dewey” tool.

Make sure your tools work with you so that you stay safe. If you have to use a lot of force, you are using the wrong tool. Spend money for good tools, not cheap ones,” says this electrician tool pro.

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