Hiring A Good Contractor – Responsible Hiring Practices

Hire the Best Contractor

Use The Hiring Tips And Advice To Avoid Getting Screwed

Ann had a problem with a contractor and now she’s mad.
Here’s why:
She is experiencing structure and foundation issues from poor work done on a roof that caved in from work done by an inexperienced contractor who lied about his credentials.

– If you hire a contractor – ANY CONTRACTOR (whether it be a landscaping professional or someone doing your taxes) – you need to take these steps.

No guarantee is given for great work, but take a moment of your time up front so that you have options if you feel like you are having any problems.

1 – Check their references before you hire them – your primary responsibility and ONLY clue as to whether they were good or would rip you off. Yes, ALL of their references.
2 – Pay them as the work progresses instead of all money up front so that you had some bargaining power – YOUR responsibility.
3 – Mediate poor work performance and demand repairs corrected and fixed before they are allowed to continue – again YOUR responsibility.
4 – Watch the work progression yourself to see that the work was being done to your expectation-YOUR responsibility. If you don’t know what you are looking at call your local licensing board and ask them what questions you need to ask, what you are looking for and how to protect yourself. Get a list and even if you have to read from the list in front of the contractor, do it.
5 – Find out if they have a valid (current and in good standing) license AND insurance AND contact the construction board in your area to see if they have ANY complaints against them – or not – Also YOUR responsibility.

You need to perform all of these steps in order to protect yourself in the best way possible.

If you don’t then you will get what you pay for – a high-priced mess that leaves you with no alternative but an expensive solution. Please don’t hire a contractor (ever) without taking these steps – For your own sake.

If you ignore this advice then you will see disappointing results.

I am a professional contractor and won’t even buy a pair of shoes until I try them on and walk around in them awhile.

You as a consumer have the same responsibility whether it be with a pair of shoes or a contractor. And if you buy the shoes and find a defect then you save the receipt and take them back. Do you NOT!?

Take responsible actions ahead of time so that you aren’t taken advantage of by a predatory “contractor.”

Predatory contractors COUNT on people not doing their due diligence. They look for you. And, unfortunately in this economy, with greed driven people, you MUST be aware that they are out there and in these times now you must be even more diligent than before.

Desperate people do desperate things. They cut corners where it costs you nothing but headaches and frustration to fix or repair.

Refuse to be a victim. Be prepared and proactive instead.

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