Home and Garden Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning De-Clutter Guide For Home & Garden

Home And Garden DIY Simplicity With 5 Spring Cleaning Tips And Tool Ideas

Start Inside.

1 → For easy manageability start with one room at a time.
2 → Have a, ‘plan of attack’ for each room and task.
3 → Utilize your time effectively by dedicating a time frame for those tasks. For example – One (1) hour daily until you are done.
4 → Room clutter can build up everywhere. Now is the time to plan your donation and/or yard sale. Make this step easy on yourself by creating four piles: a)To keep  b) To toss  c) To donate  d) To sell pile.
Put nicer clothing and items in your garage sale and donate other items still usable. Rule of thumb – If you haven’t used it in six (6) months – get rid of it (Unless it is a seasonal item like a snow shovel).

Once you’re done with the inside of your home, go outside.

5 → Pressure Washing is great to clean off debris and dirt outside and in the garage, but can damage vinyl siding and windows. Pressure Washing can pierce the vapor entry behind vinyl siding which can create leaking and mold issues.  Remove and replace damaged vinyl siding.
Best cleaning method for vinyl siding – brush cleaning. To help prevent wear and tear on vinyl siding rinse them instead after cleaning and always use the correct power wash tip for the job and stay at least two feet (2′) from the surface you are cleaning.
Window seals can be compromised as well with pressure washers. Seals can become loose and create fog and dampness inside your windows.
Best cleaning method for windows – mild soap mixture coupled with a squeegee.
Complete your outdoor Spring cleaning by power washing your driveway, patio, pool deck (stay away from a pool lining please, or risk an expensive pool liner replacement), sidewalk, garden path, and other heartier surfaces.
Don’t skimp on your safety. It’s always a good idea to put on a pair of safety glasses when you use a pressure washer. Sharp edged debris can fly into your face and eyes easily. A pressure washer should never be used to ‘rinse’ off a human, yourself, or a pet.
Know what the different uses of your pressure washer are and make sure you have the right pressure washer attachments for the job, so you’re not risking or damaging your concrete, deck, or home.