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January Garden Power Tool Tips – Birdhouses designed With Birds In Mind

An Interview with Larry Campbell, a Local Washington Craftsman who makes Woodcraft Gifts and Yard & Garden Custom Projects – CraftsmanLarry

Larry Campbell spent over 30 years in the business of Garden and Landscape Power Tools as owner of a tree tool specialty retail outlet. His Lifetime Interests included a healthy interest in tree climbing and in watching birds. Having had several birds lost to outdoor predators, Campbell began studying bird habits, nesting habits, and their landing and take-off from a perch habits.

“I didn’t want to go into retirement and have nothing to do after a couple of years and wish I had started my birdhouse business when I first retired,” said Campbell.  See Larry’s Birdhouse Homes and Crafty Creations Here on Etsy

BirdHouses and Custom Crafts

MADE IN THE USA – CraftsmanLarry

Armed with his research and new knowledge, he began building birdhouses to invite birds to come sing in his garden and discourage predators from trapping and killing his new Spring Bird chorus. What he noticed is that he began collecting a year-long song with the various birds who began to land and stay at his birdhouse hotels. They had a bird safe house and it showed with the care he took in building his unique birdhouses.

Having known Campbell and his family for several years, we know his dedication to his hobby is genuine and that the care he takes with craftsmanship and building and bird house design is exceptional and genuinely heart-felt.

Birds Welcome by CraftsmanLarry Uses Birdhouse Customization On Every Design

One unique feature includes the ability to select customized colors for your own birdhouse. Choose from a variety of colors under the product selection – Take advantage of the color selector for your own unique birdhouse.

Match your house colors, or pick a favorite sports team birdhouse color combination.

Campbell Researched these details posted on his educational and interesting site – Contact for Campbell and his staff is by website email via his facebook page: HERE.

Did You Know That Campbell Studies Interesting Facts About All His Products – Like These:

  • “Animals living in or amongst a habitat of trees are arboreal animals.”
  • “The animal Dab-Dab in the Dr. Doolittle stories was a duck.”

Campbell researched these product features that attract birds:

• Interiors of all houses are natural, unpainted wood to help attract birds.
• Cleats have been positioned inside the taller bird houses to help young birds gain a good foothold.
• Every house has a removable floor or side to make your annual cleaning easier.
• All floors have angled corners to aid drainage and improve airflow.
• Perches have been eliminated from most of our products to protect birds from predators that use perches to their advantage.

Durable Handcrafted Products – Handcrafted With Care In The USA – MADE IN THE USA –

All birdhouse products are painted with a primer and two coats of Sherwin Williams Lifetime Warranty Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint for long lasting durability. All birdhouse pieces are joined with exterior glue together with screws and nails.

Larry Campbell – Made In The USA – The Real Deal and highly recommended by BestPowerTools.Org

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Get Your Garden ready For your Own Birdhouse Chorus With Top Brand Patio, Lawn & Garden, Garden Power Tools:

January makes for Gardening Prep Time – Clear dead branches, clean flower beds, spruce up vegetable beds, organize Garden Power Tools. Remove old broken growing stands and replace them with new ones. Blow leaves and dead debris away from growing areas – and off roofs!

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