Best Power Tools: Milwaukee Tool Choices

#1 Personal Favorite For Most Any Project Is Milwaukee Power Tools ~ Johnny

When I began my career I picked up as many tools on sale as I could get. Shopping for a discount was especially appealing to me back then. What happened was that without much experience or guidance at that time (the beginning years), I wasn’t able to determine which tools were best for me and the uses I needed them for. What I discovered was that what I thought I was saving amounted to a loss, once I figured in the costs of tool repairs and replacement.

For that reason alone, Milwaukee has been my personal favorite and, “Go To Tool,” consistently and especially throughout my later and more experienced years in the construction industry.  I like the way it feels in my hand, weight, noise level, vibration, speed control, pressure, force, and performance consistency, plus much more.  It’s just my most favorite tool brand.

If you can’t afford good tools, get the very best you can afford, or just wait to buy good tools, because sometimes a ‘great deal,’ will actually cost you more money than the original cost of a good and reputable tool-Just like it has me.  And it’s not just a few dollars you’ll waste.  It can add up to several hundred wasted dollars.

Having said all that, though, I can honestly tell you that there is a huge difference in getting a good deal on a tool and buying a cheap tool because it’s all you can afford.  Tool guys do love a good deal!  Before I buy I first decide what I want, next I get any and all tool specs I can find, then I go shopping – online and in stores, then once I’m armed with facts, I look for a great deal and use my knowledge as a bargaining ‘chip.’  This tool shopping bargain hunting method works nearly 100% of the time!  SEE HERE for the Milwaukee catalog on Cordless Power Tools.

Milwaukee makes customer service and repairs easy.  Their e-service repair options for Milwaukee tools offered for customers provides immediate and convenient drop-off locations in about 8,000 USA locations.   Most of their Service Parts List Bulletins, Wiring Instructions and Operator Manuals are easy to get online too, through their site.  SEE HERE for those.

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