Tool Brands I Recommend

Professional Recommendations For Tool Brands

17 Trusted Tool Brands I Recommend

Get decent tools without going bankrupt…but Buy Tool Brand Names, because they stand behind their products.

Here are the best names in the industry for discount tools from my 30 odd years as a Contractor/Carpenter in the order of best to not so well liked by me.

Others may differ with me, but This is my ‘hands-on’ opinion.

Power Tools:  Favorite Tool Brands Industrial Power Tools: Favorite Tool Brands
1. Makita 1. General
2. DeWalt 2. Biesemeyer
3. Rigid 3. National
4. Hitachi 4. North American
5. Milwaukie 5. Delta
6. Festool 6. SMC
7. Bosch 7. Jet
8. Black & Decker Affordable Circular Saws
Battery Packs
9. Ryobi
9a. Ryobi: Factory & Reconditioned
Circular Saw Blades
Circular Saw Accessories
Power Saw Fences

Try a Google search for, “Cheap Power Tool,” for the most affordable Tools & Accessories you need.

Buyer Beware:  If you’re comparing prices and want the best deal – Make sure you are comparing the same tool features and tool models, and not two different models, with different designs, features, and accessories.