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Contractor And Homeowner Disputes

How To Negotiate A Dispute Between Contractor And Homeowner

Sometimes Contractor Portland Oregon  best laid plans, “Can go wrong.”

I’m talking about doing everything right from deciding on doing a renovation to the planning, budgeting, financing and of the course the dreaded, “Finding the Best Contractor In any city or state”

SEE HERE for tips on getting your contract in writing.  SEE HERE for more helpful tips on finding the right contractor.

In over 32 years that I have been a Carpenter/Contractor I have basically seen it all and there still is the isolated incident that really surprises me. By that I mean either the Contractor, or a homeowner making bad decisions in the course of the contracted job.

Make sure you understand that in my experience . . . The homeowner is responsible for 50% of the problems related to a remodel, or new home construction disputes.

Shyte does happen and given the chance, “It will.”  Any outcome depends on both sides having solid morals and ethics in how they treat each other. Yes . . . right or wrong . . . it comes down to how you treat each other in a, “Human,” way.

Communication is usually the culprit. A misunderstanding about timing, money, materials, or just plain, “Gee . . . that’s not what we/I meant.”

Nine times out of ten Contractors will bend in certain situations because his reputation and future referrals are on the line.  Someone who does Contracting for a living is dependent on making their customers happy.  This doesn’t mean that they are always open to manipulation.  On the other hand . . . Very good Contractors  would never take advantage of a customer that has limited knowledge of their remodel, or new home construction process in the quest for a one time retirement plan.  That always comes back to bite you (and them).

Over the years I have been part of certain organizations and one in particular was because I was recommended to be a part of it by my customers.  The company is Angie’s List.   Anyone associated to this referral system treats it like gold because a lot of work can come from this reputable company.

With The Angie’s List App You:

  • Take a picture of your project
  • Your picture is then sent to their top rated professionals who then bid and provide estimates on your project
  • Within 24 hours, you get and choose the top 3 bids from their pre-screened contractors.
  • Pick your contractor and book the project through the app.
  • You get peace of mind with their integrated escrow service.

For a DIY Homeowner, who feels like they may be in over their head on a project, it is never too late to get a contractor in to help you or come in on you with a project.  Most homeowners and DIY people admit after they begin a project that, “It is never as, ‘easy’ as it looks.” For instance, the need for an expensive tool you didn’t anticipate, the exposure of an element you didn’t plan on (asbestos, for example), the repair you hadn’t counted on (because you miscalculated a measurement or uncovered an old ‘repair’ job underneath a floor or behind a wall).  Literally the list is endless. First make sure (before you begin a job) that you have the correct Power And Hand Tools For Home Improvement.  And if you still run into problems, get a professional to help you (or at least ask them for advice).
As an example: For instance do you realize how many different types of hammers are out there – There are over eleven (11) different categories of this one tool all by itself.

“The most important element in any contract or dispute negotiation remains and is still communication. Period.”  ~ Johnny