Woodwork Tools You Need

What Woodwork Tools Do You Need?

Woodwork Tips and Tools to help Any homeowner

Almost every household has Tools For Woodwork. Homeowners can have everything from the most basic toolkit to the very detailed and expensive setup.

I’m talking about a fully blown shop, complete with thickness planers, table saws, jointers and every other possible woodworking power tool.

Tools For WoodworkTools For Home

There is also nothing wrong with purchasing reconditioned tools. I’ve done repairs on many of my tools by replacing parts and performing regular cleaning.

Woodworking tools will last a long time if you maintain them and do minor repairs yourself. It’s easier than you may think with all the free online self-help videos available.

Tool Choices can get very confusing for someone deciding to outfit their home with a set of tools.

  1. What do I buy?
  2. Do I have Tools For Woodworking I need?

This depends on the project you are about to tackle.

Most homeowners and handy persons will start to build their collection of tools slowly, depending on what needs to be fixed around the home.

 . . . . There is no use spending a pile of money getting every tool necessary to do a remodel if you’re just going to install new door hardware or install another electrical box.

Basic and Important tools for Around The Home.

1.  Basic Hand Tools – Must Have Tool Essentials:

Tools For WoodworkBasic Hand Tools For Home:

Tape Measure

Claw Hammer

Multi-Bit Driver (all in one screwdriver)

Putty Knife

Pipe Wrench

Utility Knife

Pry Bar

Large Slotted Screwdriver

Crescent Wrench

Staple Gun

Torpedo Level

Bar Clamps


Caulking Gun

Toilet Auger

Vise Grips

Tool Bag

Long Nose Pliers

Hand Saw

Circular Saw

Circular Saw TIP:  You can get a good saw for under $50. Unless you are going to use this woodworking tool every day then don’t spend over $50 (Like these-Circular Saws Under 50 dollars). Spend extra money on a carbide tip blade (like this one-7 1/4″ Carbide Tip Circular Saw Blade). You should be able to get those for around $12.

Power Drill: This tool can also be purchased for under $50 (Like these-Power Drills Under 50 dollars). You will be able to use the assorted drill bits from your multi-driver to do production work, but purchase a good drill Index. You’ll be able to drill various sized holes with a good drill index.

Reciprocating Saw: In my opinion, no one should be without this monster. This is the most versatile and efficient woodwork tool out there. If you need to cut trees, chop out a 4 x 4, or do some heavy duty demolition than get yourself this beast (Like These: Reciprocating Saws Under 100 dollars). You can purchase a nice Sawzall for under $100.  What is a Sawzill?  Slang for a good reciprocating saw-Milwaukee Tool Company trademarked this made up term.

Saw Horses: A solid pair of saw horses  (Like these: saw horses)need to be in every household. Having them lets you to take the work outside, or if other surfaces are cluttered, then you have somewhere to place woodwork material. Tip: Unless you really only need one saw horse, twin packs are your best buy.

Router: Probably one of the most versatile and sweetest Tools for Woodworking is the Router (Like these: Routers). There is much a tradesman can do with these tools. Complete books are written on,  “How To Use A Router.”

More woodworking tools can be added as you go.

But for now this setup will give you just about everything you need to do most jobs around the house.

Now all you have to do is get someone to show you how these Tools For Woodwork are used and why safety is a critical issue.