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Gadgets For people who love innovation and unique tool ideas. We look to compare and analyze what’s new, what’s trending and what’s affordable. Tools are always number one for us. Honestly tools themselves stay fairly consistent, but the gadgets that make their use easier are always changing. Especially if you are a DIY homeowner who dabbles in tools and doesn’t or who isn’t looking for a big tool box full of them. For example when Hilti first introduced the laser tools I ran out and got one immediately. Now the laser tools are commonly found in most any tool market. But, I would caution anyone to get the best tool they can afford with a decent warranty. It might become less of a trend, but it will take a lot of hard use before it retires to the tool graveyard side of your garage.
Great gadgets Gift Ideas In:

This little tool saved me – literally – hundreds of dollars in car repairs!  A jokester (Not funny BTW) once stuffed a rag into my gas tank pipe and it took this Inspection Camera, Snake Camera, Sokos Micro USB Borescope Waterproof Endoscope for Laptops and USB OTG Compatible Android Smartphones (5M | 16.4ft) to find it – After several unsuccessful attempts to figure out why I was having such a hard time filling my gas tank!  Now I would NOT be without one!
 Not just a handy electronic device in an accident, but a great way to get some fun travel pics while you are out and about.  On holiday  we went through a snow covered pass that looked like a picture right out of a Dr. Suess children’s book, and we used our dash cam similar to this one (YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera, Car DVR Vehicle Dash Cam with G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Grey) to record it for our family.  Otherwise they would have never believed we went through snow banks over 28 feet tall!
Getting to work early isn’t an option.  It’s a requirement if I want to beat traffic.  I take my computer with me and tether it off my cell phone.  But honestly, my lap is only so big and after several ‘dropping it on the floor’ episodes, I got a couple of these handy and affordable gadgets to keep me organized (and sane!).  Rienar Universal Multi-Function Portable Spider Flexible Grip Holder for Smartphones and Tablets
 A love of cooking keeps me in the kitchen when I’m not out working in the field or playing in the garden, flying a (Favs are Yuneec and DJI)  quadcopter, . . . any excuse to get outdoors!  The one thing in our home that gets daily use is our kitchen shears  (Here’s a great pair: MAIRICO Ultra Sharp Premium Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears and Multi Purpose Scissors).  Because of its daily use I keep a kitchen knife sharpener handy too!
 When it comes to playing my two favorites are toys and gardening – In that order.  They say (whoever ‘they’ is) that one hour in the garden lets you burn anywhere from 200 to 650 calories.  It’s the same for me whether I’m gardening or flying my  quadcopters, but what keeps me connected are the cool wireless ear plugs  here-Wireless Earbuds, Syllable Truly Wireless Headphones with Charging Box Noise Cancelling Sweatproof Bluetooth Earphones for iPhone iPad, Smartphones Tablets, Laptop and More – D900Mini.  I got two pair because the battery life is only 2.5 hours.  ♥ these!

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